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Insulated roofing sheets also prevent moisture condensation which may lead to mold, dripping, and rot inside your building. Polyurethane foam (PUF) sheets are widely used for proving roof insulation.

Thus, many architectures are incorporating special roof insulation materials like PUF to extra care about the design and enhance the thermal stability of the buildings.

Roof insulation provides temperature stability and prevents unwanted noise penetration.

- Made of tiny glass fibers, fiberglass insulation can be installed in many areas of a home. Owens Corning fiberglass is pink, but this type of insulation comes in various other colors, from yellow to white to brown. It’s available in and blown-in (top image) and batt (bottom image) form.

Cellulose insulation is extremely environmentally friendly, made of up to 85 percent recycled materials. It is generally gray or brown in color.

Types of Insulation

Insulation of Roofing can be done in three ways depends on various industrial requirements